Ainfox Portable Tower Fan Air Cooler with Digital Display and Remote


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This air cooler is an essential in those hot summer days which is gonna bring a cool and fresh breeze into your room and blow away all the anxiety. Add cold water or ice into the water tank and the breeze becomes extra cool which definitely upgrades the whole experience than using a normal fan. Compared to an AC, it's more convenient, more quiet, more eco-friendly and cost-effective. It fits better in a more compact and personal space.


-Cool and Effective: Turn on the cooler and add cold water into the tank, it cools down your surroundings in seconds. Enjoy the coolness and the fresh air in those hot days.

-Compact and Portable: With the compact design, the cooler fits perfect in smaller spaces. It's portable and easy to be moving around.

-Easy to Use:  Adjust the mode, wind speed, timer and etc. with the control panel or the remote easily. Don't need to worry about all the complicated and technical stuff.

-Energy Saving and Eco-friendly: Compared with costly AC, our cooler has no compressor and does not use chemical refrigerants and it is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

-Extra Safe Features: The cooler is UL/ETL certified, just to provide our customer with the most safe using experience.