Ainfox Large Foot Bath Spa Tub - Thick Sturdy Plastic Foot Basin,Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital Adjustabl



Enjoy the deep-penetrating massage while moving your feet forward and backward over the reflex zone. The bulgy point is designed according to the point of foot, can active the cells and eliminate your fatigue. Also you can massage on the roller massager. Choose each function massage as you like. The special design as the handle anti-splash cover like basket.
Dimension :9in*16.5in*18.5in,big enough for both women and men
Easy to use : 120v60Hz 420W, UL listed.Blue&White Color, Beautiful and Elegant,Good For Personal Use and as gifts for others

How to Use Your Foot Spa

1.Ensure that the unit is unplugged before filling with water.
2.Fill the Foot Spa up with warm water.
3.Plug in and switch on.
4.Sit down and place your feet in the spa.
5.Turn the function dial to indicate the massage of your choice and obtain The Following Functions: Off 、 HEATING 、 Bubble 、 Vibration

Before using your new appliance, it is important that you read and follow the instructions in this Use and Care booklet, even if you feel that you are quite familiar with this type of applianceFirst, Turn all controls to the ‘OFF’ position , then unplug the unit. Tip the unit allowing water to spill out along the drain spout. Never pour water over the control switch


1.All-in-one :Heating Therapy, Oxygen Bubbles Massage, High-Frequency Vibration Massage,With Electric Leakage Protection,Safest Foot Spa Machines.
2.Durable : Body Made Of High-quality Plastic,High Temperature Resistance and Aging Resistance.
3.Multi-functional : Massaging Foot Spa Comforts Achy Heels, Toes, Arches & Ankles,Ideal for Athletes & People Who Work on Their Feet