Ainfox 1500W Home Electric White Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater 7-Fan Wheels Thermost -Without Remote Control


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The oil heater is heated by baking, and the temperature of the room is raised mainly by heating the blade.The biggest feature is that the heat generated is large, even in the case of sudden power failure, it will maintain a certain temperature for a long time, and it does not produce any harmful gas, no electrical running noise.The surface temperature of the electric oil heater is low, even if it touches the human body, it will not cause burns, and it is suitable for heating in places where the human body may directly touch.


This Oil Filled Radiator Heaters have Large heating surface
It is suitable for places where people can easily reach the heater, such as living room, bedroom, aisle, etc. It is more suitable for families with old people and children.
The bottom contains wheels for easy movement.
Safe, hygienic, dust-free, tasteless
You can enjoy the most comfortable temperature for your different needs
In addition to the clean and warm effect, the oil heater is suitable for bedroom and living room.
With its company, this winter will not be cold.


Voltage ranging: 120V/60HZ 12.5A
Item size: 9.9" x 13.9" x 26"
Net Weight: 15 LBS
Power setting: 700W / 1500W
Tip-over switch: Yes
Overheat protection: Yes
Wheel movement: Yes
Heating method: Oil-filled
Material: Metal
Power cord length: 70.86 inch

Package Includs:

1 x Heater