7'x6' Outdoor Steel Garden Storage Utility Tool Shed Large Storage Space with 2 Doors & Lock


$329.00 Regular price $389.00

If there's a lot of messy tools and no room for them, try this shed!

- Built from the finest galvanized steel and durable polypropylene (PP) construction.

- Simple and quick assemble with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts.The shed is more suitable for storing yard clutter and tools.

- for Backyards and Patios


- 4 vents increase both light and airflow, allowing the air inside to circulate, thereby reducing odors.

- The roof of the shed is sloping so that in rainy days water can fall off the roof.Prevents moisture and resists bad weather

- There are 2 spring loaded latch pins that need to be mounted on a door.

- This sturdy shed is weather and rust resistant.

- There will be 2 keys in each shed. Please keep them safe.

- This metal shed has distinct advantages over traditional wooden models.And shed comes with a powder coating surface that is rust and weather resistant.


- Overall Dimensions:89.6"L x 71.4"W x 74.8"H

- Inside Dimensions: 85"L x66.5"W x 69.2"H

- Door Dimensions:44.5"L x62.6"H