Ainfox Portable Air Cooler Fans Oscillating for Bedroom, Premium Tower Cooling Fan with Water Tank, Remote Control, 39.4inch


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    【Multifunctional air cooler】: Tower Air Cooler with remote control, 12 timers, removetable water tank, 3 modes, 3 speeds, swing, is the best choose for bedrooms.                                                                                                                  
    【Tower design】: Get rid of the traditional shackles, beautiful and concise.         
    【Function 2 in 1】:Refrigeration and humidification. This tower air cooler adopts ice crystal refrigeration and air humidification technology, Implement two uses of one machine, reduce overhead.                                                            
    【Portable water tank】: Drawer type water tank, removable cooling pad, easy to clean.                                                                                                                    
    【Wind Angle】: Left and right automatic pendulum pages (pendulum Angle of 110 °),


    -Style: Oscillating Tower cooling fan
    -Heigh:39.4 inch
    -Timer: 12 hours
    -Remote control: Yes
    -Function: Increase air circulation, refrigeration, humidification.
    -Speeds and Modes: 3 kinds each one

    Cold and wet:
    This machine adopts ice crystal refrigeration and air humidification technology, which can reduce the air temperature at the air outlet and increase the relative humidity of the air to prevent the air from drying.

    Cold air humidification principle:
    use the water pump to pump the cold water in the water tank to the top of the body after the flow of wet curtain paper, and then by the rotation of the wind wheel around the wet curtain paper with a certain degree of humidity of the cold air blown out, because water evaporation heat absorption, so as to reduce the temperature and humidification function.