Ainfox PU Leather Gymnastics Folding Mat Black & Pink




  • Our folding mat is a great addition to your home gym and provides you with a comfortable and safe spot to do your floor exercises and protect sensitive joints like knees, hips, spine, and wrists.
  • The workout mat also has sewn in handles, making it portable and convenient, so you will no longer have trouble transporting the mat to and from gymnastics or sporting.
  • With its ease of use, durability and its non-absorbent technology, this exercise mat is ideal for a great workout
  • Suitable for all aged people for various physical activities not only in gymnastics but also for yoga, dancing, light stretching, wrestling, martial arts, and general exercise

Key Features:

  • 4 fold design and two handles make it easy for carrying and storage
  • Can be cleaned easily due to the PU-leather cover that is non-absorbent
  • This exercise mat is thick and quite durable.
  • It has a convenient design so that you can fold it and store it when not in use.


Type 1:4'x6'x2"

  • Item Size: 70.9*46.1*2.0 inches( 4' x 6' x 2" )
  • Package size: 119*21.5*47 cm (46.9*8.5*18.5 inches)

Type 2: 4'x8'x2"

  • Size:92.9*45.47*2.0 inches
  • Package size:119*21.5*55 cm(46.9*8.5*24 inches)

Type 3:  4'x10'x2"

  • Item Size: 118.1*46.1*2.0 inches
  • Package size:119*21.5*75 cm (46.9*8.5*29.5 inches)


  •  non-absorbent PU leather